Launch of Fall - Winter 2020 Collection

Successful People Gala is an annual award event for successful people in Romania and their achievements. This year, among the winners was the Inga Valerie brand, along with its designer, who also presented the new Fall - Winter 2020 collection..

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Trends Spring - Summer 2020

About Colors 2020 will be marked by colours related to nature, peace of mind and well being. According to specialists, colour trends for this year will be green and sea blue, but also the grey one. It will be a trend to wear items in pink – coral, orange, white – latte, blue, beige and earth green.

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About Style

Fashion is changing, but style is eternal. Invest in atitude! Love yourself Respect yourself! You know you can succed in everything you want to do! You have the power to choose, so choose what is the best for yourself! Wear what you like and makes you feel confident, without any ...

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About Fabrics

Cotton, velvet, lurex, satin, taffeta, ECO leather and fur, sequins and the list can be continued. I do not have a specific plan before I start to creat and I never know what fabric I will use. Sometimes I chose a kind of material because I like the colour, other time...

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About Colors

About ColorsAbout ColorsInga June 18, 2015 466 Views 1 LikesIf I wasn’t a designer, for sure I was doing something related to arts! I love animals, I love nature, its colours inspire me and I try to reflect them in my creation with rock-chic influence, sport and gothic style. Maybe it sounds girly, but ...

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