The consumer will be able to withdraw from the contract, respectively will be able to return a product or give up a service, within 14 calendar days from its signing, without invoking any reason and without incurring costs other than delivery.

Thus, according to GEO no. 34/2014, the period of returning a product or giving up a service expires within 14 days from the day when the consumer enters into the physical possession of the ordered product.

To withdraw from the contract, we provide the following methods:

through the website, the Return Information section;
you can print and complete the following document:DOWNLOAD FORM);

you can scan the form and send it to the e-mail address: comenzi@ingavalerie.com.
We recommend that you include the order number or invoice number, as well as the bank account number (specifying the name of the holder) to which the refund is to be made. By law, a clear statement of your withdrawal from the procurement contract in question is required.

Effects of withdrawal from the contract

Following the withdrawal from the contract, we will reimburse you for all payments made, without exceeding the due date and, in any case, no later than 30 calendar days from the date we were informed of the decision to withdraw from the contract. Reimbursement will be made by bank transfer.

We reserve the right to defer reimbursement until the date of receipt of the products that were the subject of the sale.

The direct costs related to the return of the products will be borne by the buyer.

In addition, the consumer is also responsible for the additional costs involved in a different type of delivery than that used by www.ingavalerie.com;

With regard to the transfer of risks, the consumer takes the risk of losing or damaging the products when he has acquired their physical possession. Exceptionally, the risks are transferred to the consumer at the time of delivery of the products to the carrier of his choice.