CIA COUTURE SRL collects and processes your personal data for commercial communications such as email, SMS, or postal communications only with your explicit consent. Also, CIA COUTURE SRL may use your personal data for commercial communications on other websites, including social networks where you are a member, by correspondence between the activities and information collected on our websites with those collected on third party websites (“Targeted Advertising "). These commercial communications will keep you up to date with the latest news, events, special offers, and promotions for the CIA COUTURE SRL brand and products. These commercial communications are made using "cookies". If you no longer wish to receive such communications in the future, you must refuse cookies when you enter our website.

These commercial communications are made by us through a third-party service (Google / Adwords / Facebook). These services may have access to several types of data about you, which they collect from all the sites you visit or from the social networks you visit.

Changing these preferences can be done by refusing the cookie policy and will involve your exclusion from our lists for subsequent Targeted Advertising campaigns. You can also access social networking websites where you are a member to check the options they offer for Targeted Advertising.

Please note that you may still receive administrative communications from CIA COUTURE SRL, such as order confirmation, notifications regarding your account activities (account confirmation, password change, etc.) and important announcements, even if you decline the policy. cookies. You will also see general advertisements on the CIA COUTURE SRL website, on other websites, and in the social networks where you are a member.