Our company, CIA Couture SRL has been established in 2014, along with our registered trademark, IngaValerie®, setting its mission to become a reputable small-batch fashion brand with a nonconformist approach.

We have focused on superior and premium grade fabrics as a base for our edgy pieces in casual-chic and formal styling.

All our products are designed and handcrafted in our workshop in Bucharest, Romania solely by our skilled team, under the personal supervision of Mrs. Inga Avissar, who is the director and the designer behind the IngaValerie® brand.

In over 8 years in operation, we have settled various partnerships with international high quality garment and accessories suppliers from Italy, France, Japan, Taiwan, while also supporting the local Romanian fashion industry through regular collaborations.

From the trading perspective, although we call ourselves a boutique fashion company, we managed to have our products purchased by clients all over Europe and Israel.

Our aim is to expand our customer portfolio and get new trading partners worldwide, while maintaining same levels of quality control and the essence of our brand vision.

We are able to provide a high level of flexibility in terms of B2B cooperation, covering all factors such as design options, cost, manufacturing and delivery times.

We have a solid experience and expertise in both retail and online commerce of our products and we are looking forward to expand this attributes in new markets and with new trading partners.